AStA FU has multiple technical gadgets and equipment for student events. You can borrow them free of charge. For some of the things we take a deposit. You can send your request via email.
In your email, please write:

- who you are

- what you want to borrow

- when you want to borrow the things and when you want to bring them back

- where your event takes place

- a short description of your event

Here is a list of things we can provide

Send the email to

Please write encrypted!. 0x6B7CA9CA pgp-key
Fingerprint: 3820 E238 5405 7943 D663 EFC7 F7D2 FD4C 6B7C A9CA

Office hours: Monday 13:00-16:00 and Thursday 13:00-16:00

time to return things: Monday and Thursday 13:00-14:30

time to pick up things: Monday and Thursday 14:30-16:00

Meeting point: AStA FU Otto-von-Simson-Straße 23, 14195 Berlin

We don't read the emails 24/7, so please send your requests sufficiently early.

We don't provide support for the transport. You have to carry the things yourself, so bring enough people to help.