Queerfeminist library

Dear Trans* Inter* Lesbian Women Gender Queers,

it's time: our library starts going online!!

"Begins" because, for one thing, some of the books we have are not yet recorded.
Also, because we will only gradually add everything that is helpful to know for use. For this we are also dependent on your help, so please give us feedback at lesbitransintera@astafu.de!

Here you can access the search mask. [Currently unavailable]
You can choose to search by title, author, topic or abbreviation. The first two are probably self-explanatory. "Subject" means search by keywords.
The list of keywords already assigned can be found here. "Abbreviations" refers to the order we have here in the library, i.e. the books and thus their signatures are assigned to different categories, such as "Lesbian Movements". In order to enable you to search in these categories from a distance, a list of the current categories can be found here.

Furthermore: The books are still borrowed live and directly from us and not with the online program. Please ignore everything that can be found online (e.g. that the copy is available).

Write a mail to us!

Accessibility: The library is located in our office room on the second floor of the AStA Villa and can therefore only be reached via many steps. As a provisional compromise we can offer you to mail us which book(s) you want to have, we will check if they are there and hand them over, for example, downstairs in the entrance area of the AStA.